A Fortunate Clinical Experience

I tell you my Clinical Experience

As luck would have it, the opening of my clinic coincided with a boom in the ownership of small animals, which determined a very favorable situation from every perspective: very few veterinary experts and many new clients oriented towards bringing their dog or cat to a trained veterinarian.

Consider that between Padova and Province, there were only five clinics, with a total population of over 200,000 people. It should be added those who live in the Venetian, who preferred to drive to Padova rather than having to walk in Venice. Considering prudently the presence of a pet for every four families, every one of us had available a veritable empire.
The owners regularly required inspections, tests and vaccinations for their animals, and (much more than today) they matched their females and the puppies were numerous (now if the animals are not owned by breeders, nearly all are sterilized). There were also numerous acute and chronic diseases and consequently I acquired clinical experience at the highest level.

I can say that, after less than two years of profession, I visited between controls and the first visits, 50/60 animals average per day during the summer and 30/40 during the winter season. Not to mention all the surgical interventions: the work started at 9:30 in the morning and finished around 21/22 at night.
Every veterinarian was a “spin doctor”, ranging from a radiology clinic, to surgery, to the laboratory.

In the garage, I still have all of the surgery equipment for various laboratory tests.
This considerable mass of clinical cases, together with the vision of “all-out” that I have acquired a course of homeopathy in Florence (held by real doyen of this form of medicine, his colleague Franco del Francia, (who died just a few months ago) a person of absolutely high culture) have allowed me to follow step by step the evolution, or better the involution of both canine and feline universe use.