Homeopathy Applied at the Daily Clinic

My expertise in Homeopathy

I believe I’ve achieved lower mortality rates than my colleagues due to my expertise in homeopathy, a form of medicine that in hyper acute cases often represents the only effective weapon to save an animal’s life.

I can say with all confidence that homeopathy is viewed as anything but a proven science by conventional medicine. Those who practice homeopathy may have the same scientifically based medical curricula training as those who question it – though most who question do not likewise have homeopathy training. Their concerns would be viewed as more legitimate if they knew homeopathy and made their judgments without the preconceptions shaped from traditional medical training. Moreover, contrary to what many think, results of homeopathic cures are often very fast and therefore easy to verify. Another consideration is that in veterinary care, we can’t even count on a placebo effect, which is certainly important in every therapy and often fundamental for healing.

In my professional life, I have treated horses homeopathically, and the animals responded extraordinarily, unexpectedly healing. Among many that were not treated (as I was not an expert, the owners tended to interrupt my taking this approach, despite evidence of improvement), one was a very important race horse plagued by lameness and had already been seen by many experts who determined the condition to be untreatable. After a seemingly brief exam, a homeopathy globule was identified as a remedy to the disease (administered as pills since the concept of homeopathic treatment for horses seemed so unusual to them); with that, the horse was brought back to health and even went on to again win races.

I can honestly say that with homeopathic treatments, I am the first to be incredulous of the results. With this form of medicine, one feels like a troglodyte who is able to manage very complicated but very effective machinery, using precise and logical rules, even without the need to have knowledge on the subject. And yet, I am very knowledgeable in homeopathy, having studied diligently throughout a three year course. I then founded and was director of a still operating private school dedicated to it, and wrote a book on homeopathy theory and methodology, which is still used as text book in the school. I have also had the honor to be nominated as secretary of the league association that unites doctors and veterinarians throughout the world.

I have written other homeopathy titles (including some about medical veterinary subjects), that have not been published. Among those published, few demonstrated the effectiveness of this form of therapy, but articles related to zoo animals, horses, dogs and cats can be found on my personal website. Research on chickens and turkeys performed in collaboration with a well-known researcher of the Faculty of Radiology Padova definitively showed the capacity of some homeopathic remedies (with every treatment considered a testing ground) to significantly increase bone density of the treated animals when compared to those not treated.

Much of this work has never been published because it was refused and even snubbed by most prestigious journals (Nature, Science, Medical Journal), but the writings are on my site. Many “scientific” works are often faked, with some statistics indicating around 30% of research is false, and is manipulated to show the results the researchers want.
However, I can say without fear of contradiction that my works are correct, well done and unequivocally show the effects of homeopathy.
I encourage you to read these articles on my website.