The Perfect Diet

The Perfect Diet: is it possible?

Did you know there is a simple and affordable diet that can provide excellent health for most of our critter friends? As many of you know, I am a veterinarian who has been fortunate to discover the reason for chronic and recurrent diseases that afflict our little friends, such as dermatitis, paw licking, excessive tearing, dandruff, itching, smelly skin, seborrhea, ear infections, conjunctivitis, desire to eat grass, fasting vomiting, diarrhea, inflammation of anal sacs, cystitis, nephritis, gingivitis and many others.

The most frequent cause is the presence of chemical and pharmacological residues in many foods, primarily meat derived from commercial farming, but also important is an imbalance in the amount of Omega3.

My desire is to make a diet formula that resolves these problems available to all pet owners. To that end, I founded a company that makes pet food that provides formulated nutrition. And that formula can also easily be made by you at home with homemade foods, or you can use pet food from your favorite company – but read the nutrition labels so you are sure the food is based on the same raw materials! If you feel you can trust what I say, you can also use my Active FORZA10 formula, the line of nutrition that I created to help fulfill my personal veterinary mission: animal wellness.

A suitable homemade formula would include rice, saltwater fish and meat or other animals not raised commercially, like sheep, deer, wild boar, plus olive oil and/or fish, possibly integrated with carrots and a bit of fruit. The key is to completely eliminate any type of meat derived from commercial farming, snacks, bones and treats fed from the table (or basic pet food based on the same principle).

You will see a gradual difference in the disorders described above from the very first days. Alternatively, you may also see a difference to the negative within hours of reintroducing, voluntarily or involuntarily, the wrong nutrition. If you do not see improvement with the formula above, the issues may have a medical origin that should be addressed with your veterinarian.

Granted, some animals are allergic to fish (but much less than what is said to be so or indicated by testing), making it necessary to resort to animal proteins not derived from commercial farming.

However, in most cases, you will see that symptoms gradually disappear within two, three or four weeks – even to the point of seeing improvement in the quality of the animal’s coat; it’s worth trying!

When you are sure of the results, share the formula with as many people as you can, contributing to proper animal welfare.

There are many other interpretations and beliefs on the theme above, some very different or even opposite of mine. For example: many accept that fish from the sea are polluted, and they are correct, but the heavy metals in the ocean need at least ten years to get to dangerous levels of concentration, and there is proof that cats and dogs live very well with this protein, getting to old age with incomparable good health.

There is also a progressive tendency to eliminate cereals; these foods can be really harmful, but only if not balanced with others that restore the balance and the quantity of Omega3 and Omega6. The diet that I have proposed, in fact, emphasizes the use of saltwater fish or animal protein raised on pasture, all rich sources of Omega3. Put aside your doubts and try it. I welcome your comments. Thanks to all!