The Two Fundamental Causes of the Actual Diseases

Actual Diseases: causes

Without a doubt, the average life of a human as well as domestic animals, has significantly improved in the space of a few decades.

We know that humans have already arrived to the average life of eighty years old, while a dog, where the average life was pretty short, until twenty years ago, between ten to thirteen years old depends on the breed and the size (large dogs never live as long as smaller breeds), now it comes easily to reach the minimum of 13/14 years and the maximum of twenty years.

This is basically tied to a way of life without hardship and lack of food and to the vaccinations, that they literally have panned the most serious infectious diseases. Moreover, the actual pesticides have an equivalent effectiveness and they are able to keep under control most part of the most fearsome parasites.

However, there are two new emergencies that threaten everything and for getting to the enviable actual average age just if we are able to dodge.

The first is the pollution.

The one that responsible for everything, like we can imagine, it’s always the human, completely unaware of his capacity of changing the natural cycles and the laws that always underlie life on the planet.
The biological balance on our planet has remained until the human didn’t start to force it to ensure the imperious world population increase the necessary food and to give to everyone an absolutely incompatible level of life with the environmental sustainability.

The use of fertilizer, pesticides, anti-cryptogamic, fungicides, antifungal, disinfectants, antiseptics, acids and all the chemical instruments that were invented to turn the environment to our necessities, it has polluted everything and transformed the biology on earth into a desert.
Humus, the substrate of microflora and micro fauna needed to keep the soil fertile has been destroyed, and the only way to produce in agriculture is to use the chemical fertilizer. There is no plant or animal that is not infested by increasingly indestructible parasites, and it’s enough to enter in an agricultural company or in a garden for being paralyzed from the impressive of the poisons in the market. In the pharmacies there is livestock product turnover for the intensive farming which is equally shocking. There is abused of antibiotics both in human and animals.
A very recent statistic performed in Germany showed that just the 20% of the diseases treated with antibiotics is due to germs where it’s useful to use them.
The recent examples of bacteria shackles to the antibiotics are just the vanguard of what can happen: the indiscriminate use of these drugs as important and decisive, it’s bringing to shackles of insensible germs, with the real risk of completely incontrollable epidemic.
In the pharmacies are available poisons for mosquitos, flies and wasps, we can find deodorants with classified substances as carcinogenic such as the aluminum perfumes.

In the water of aqueduct we can find everything, in those of the oligo mineral sources, the level of the admitted nitrate was casually increased, through a new law, ten times more than the limit that the research had set as a maximum tolerable for human. The heavy metals infest the planet. The paints that we have in the house are toxic. The electromagnetic pollution reveals its danger progressively.

The second emergency is the absolute shortage of Omega3 in the nutrition of both human and their little friends.

Why? The responsibility is to do something different, to increase the breeding productivity, human always interrupted the cycle of the grass, the only food for land animals rich in Omega3, substitute them with the silage corn, just rich in Omega6. Thereby it has completely imbalanced the natural balance and created further conditions and continue inflammatory processes. In fact, the Omega3 have an anti-inflammatory while Omega6 have exactly the opposite, creating the basis for ubiquitous chronic inflammation.
So, if the herbivores eat the grass, their milk, meat, cheese and egg will be rich in Omega3, if they eat corn they will be a bomb of Omega6. Anyway, the Omega6 is indispensable and useful, there are benefits just if it’s balance with Omega3.

Reportedly happens on human also on dogs and cats. Indeed, the foods being used in pet food are based on a cereal (rice, grain or corn, exclusively rich in Omega6), on flour of meat and animal fats is absolutely free of Omega3. As to say that the presence of chronic inflammatory processes is almost guaranteed.