The Research on Fertility

The Research on Fertility: my experience

More than 40 years of experience in the clinical field have allowed me to study and realize the ability of nutraceutical nutrition (treatment through the use of medicinal plants in the nutrition) to bring the body back from physiological conditions. In males, the restoration of spermatogenesis and the libido.

For females, improvement upon the regular rhythm of estrus, the fulfillment of physiological childbirth, the natural number of puppies per litter, and neonatal mortality.

I have verified numerous cases in which the restoration of physiological conditions through proper nutrition ensures a return to normality from childbirth.

As a positive consequence, we are witnessing a drastic reduction of post-partum (also influenced by the degree of elasticity of the blood vessels), with consequence reduction of the state of successive debilitation of the mother and the phenomenon of the mother crushing the puppies involuntarily.

Without postpartum severe bleeding, the state of nutrition of the newborns will be positively influenced by a more complete and rich milk, simplifying the life for all (the owner, mother, and puppies).