The Causes of the Most Common Behavioral Disorders

Behavioral Disorders: causes

Let’s consider it necessary to put the light on how these changes are the sole responsibility of humans as the animals simply have to endure themselves.

One of the main causes is, in fact, is the result of the lifestyle of our society.

Our cities, with their loud noises, hectic rhythms, and insufficient green areas, hold almost no similarity to their natural environment. If this is not the primary cause, it is a powerful amplifier of any embryonic imbalance.

Another cause, directly related to the previously cited, is the sensation of fearing “not being at the top”, which arises from a hyper technological world that subjects annulling individuals to phagocytosis with no escape.

This leads to a frustration concerning a rising difficulty in connecting with our neighbors in a satisfyingly human way, and contributes to considerable psychological problems, which I believe most of us can be accused of.

Unfortunately this situation and its consequences extends to our animals, contributing almost involuntarily to the determination of different kinds of imbalances.