Is Inflammation a Body Healing Process?

Conventional medicine tends to automatically seek to suppress symptoms during sickness, when inflammation is an indication of the body “repairing” itself.

When you take an anti-inflammatory drug, that natural defense response in the body is smothered, which seems to cause a continuation and increase in chronic and/or degenerative diseases.

In practice, inhibiting this natural response of the body to defend itself from illness or negative stimulus, we prevent and force the elimination of the defense system, causing the body to rebalance with an increase in chronic or degenerative diseases.

Consider this metaphor: City trash is eliminated by burning in an incinerator. While it removes the trash from the city, the burning itself creates new issues in generating smoke, heat, noise and toxic emissions. But if we “switch that off” by turning off the incinerator, have we really done the best thing? In that case, we leave the trash in the city and pollute the environment. Likewise, by switching off inflammation in the body with medicine, we still leave harmful toxins in the body.

If the stimulus of the disease persists, the body is forced into a state of chronic inflammation. It’s debilitating and painful, but effective (if the waste continues to be produced, the incinerator will obviously be forced to work continuously).

Anti-inflammatory drugs may be the only choice in some cases where it’s not possible to remove the cause of the inflammation, or when this is either unknown and/or unidentified.

Food intolerances, the field in which SANYpet is the undisputed leader, can cause their own inflammatory issues and/or increase in secretions and excretions. Such phenomena can affect any organ, as each individual has a different sensibility.
Where food intolerance exists, there can be acute inflammation every time that food is ingested. And, if that food is part of the daily diet, the inflammation will inevitably become chronic. If we fail to remove the cause, we cannot eliminate the effect.

In sum, it is important to determine what is causing inflammation in the body before initiating anti-inflammatory treatment.
Sometimes it’s best to let the body defenses operate naturally, so as not to create even more issues or further development of chronic or degenerative conditions.