The Alternative Homeopathic

Why homeopathic is good?

Since it was discovered, homeopathy has correctly considered symptoms as expressions of bodily defense. Such logic exploits the principle of “the similar cure the similar”, using remedies that help the body strengthen its natural defense mechanism.

The opposite meaning, attributed to conventional medicine and from the homeopathy to the symptoms, the first considering a negative expression of disease, the second a positive sign of reaction, not only has it inevitably determined a conceptual approach but also diametrically opposite therapeutic: homeopathic medicine encourages and modulates the symptoms actions, the conventional medicine eliminates or suffocates molecules with increasing power. Since both methods have had irrefutable and validated results for a long time, what are the parameters for objectively assessing which is the most correct and valid among the opposing views?

The logic says that the symptom is a sign of reaction and not a sign of disease: the diarrhea, vomit, drooling, coughing, are the open canals of the body to remove toxins and poisons and the consequential loss of liquid less worse. Moreover the same traditional medicine has demonstrated a significant change respecting the time, certainly not far away, where, for example codeine was administered to a cough, atropine for drooling, and tannin for diarrhea, and molecules are privileged in the respiratory phenomenon that bring to the maturation and expulsion of mucus through the cough, finally seen as indispensable mechanism of elimination.

However, at the same time, in a huge contradiction climate, creates and causes the use of molecules that inhibit intestinal peristaltic: from one part the intestine accelerates the peristaltic to get rid of the poison quickly from inside, the other thought to block them with ad-hoc molecules! And keeps creating increasingly stronger anti-inflammatory molecules, that suffocate those inflammatory phenomenon where in some book of pathology described as the most important healing process of the body!

Such methods find a justification just in the absence of valid alternative solutions: all the energetic medicine, both under the theoretical and practical profile, shows as an irreplaceable alternative and a tool which is able to understand, treat, and heal many of those diseases considered incurable otherwise and therefore “curable” almost exclusively with the ubiquitous anti-inflammatory.