The Exaggerated Attitude to the Actual Dominance of Dogs

The dominance of Dogs

The first factor in what leads to a high level of undesirable characteristics is unknown at the moment.
One of the points of my hypothesis is the suggestion of an imbalance of neurotransmitters.
As the phenomenon has developed only within the last few years, it’s highly unlikely that this is due to environmental factors (for example a different way of life and the relation with the human). It should be noted that the increase of aggressiveness has appeared at the same time as the development of pathologies successfully linked to the presence of pharmacological residues in meat coming from intensive farming (see “Syndrome from Residues”, an article I published on the AIVPA Bulletin, January 1995).

Among the pathologies caused from these residues (aggressiveness, fear, exaggerated irritability, continuous barking), it’s possible to create a hypothesis that such pharmacological and chemical residues, with their toxic capacity, can also influence the synthesis mechanisms of some neurotransmitters. It’s already known, in this regard, that the lack of serotonin (one of the neurotransmitters) is associated with an increase of aggression. It will be very interesting to study if and which chemical substances are able to inhibit the formation of this fundamental element.

It’s very interesting to note that the character balance of the dog was born in parallel with the development of the diseases above. Personally, I had never thought about a correlation between the two phenomenon, and I always interpreted such a character transformation as a sudden and mysterious genetic mutation (without ever doing a simple consideration that a mutation certainly doesn’t occur in a few years). I made this possible connection during a neurophysiological convention where I participated as a relator on diseases coming from residues in food.
A report on neurotransmitters clarified that a serotonin deficiency increases the aggression level of a dog.

The hypothesis, therefore, is that certain chemical pollutants present in food can negatively influence the physiological formation of serotonin. According to my clinical research, the main cause seems to be the presence of toxic pharmacological residues in the meat coming from intensive farming, but don’t underestimate the presence of pesticide residues in the cereals and vegetables, accompanied by chronic and acute shortage of Omega3 in the food sources currently used for pet food.

A further element to support this hypothesis is given by the contemporary and progressive decrease in both physical and mental diseases in livestock in the last five years, since the livestock industries were prohibited the auxin (substances that increase the weight). This has initiated a real attention on the daily utilization of pharmaceuticals, especially the dosage administered to animals that are raised for their meat.

At the moment there is nothing that can demonstrate scientifically what I have stated, but I consider it important to investigate in this direction.

The second factor is due to the radical changes in the relation between humans and dogs, which has severely degenerated because of psychological fragilities that now haunt each of us. Our lack of human relations and consequentially feelings of loneliness pushes many people towards morbidly attacking their dogs, forgoing any form of education, or never establishing any limits or impositions. If this is in fact related to the increase of the pack leader subjects, it will lead to most dogs becoming the owner of the house without any obstacle. In this situation, it’s very common to see the “owner” of the house deny any evidence, justifying their absurd coexistence.

The third is due to the masses of idiots who, to compensate for their frustrations, deliberately select aggressive and dominant dogs, usually from the breeds that have the suitable attitude and physicality to defend their flock and owner from even more dangerous predators. These dogs were and are, unfortunately still used for fighting competitions, distorting their every natural instinct. This makes the breeder dogs a completely altered subject and aggressive against all odds, as the true and real war machine. However, as part of these breeds, there are frequently subjects born from parents according to these aberrant criteria, that are completely reliable and docile dogs.

This is why every dog behaves in a certain way by the interaction between two components, his genetics and environment. The first that is manifested in the individual character is represented in addition to the logical morphological similarities, from the inherited behavioral character from the parents. So, if some idiot selects just Very Dominant (VD) subjects, that would be systematically discarded from the reproduction, we are going to create the progressive disappearance of dangerous breeds. The environmental component will be, instead, strongly influenced from the cohabitation with people or other animals, from the education that he will receive and from the territory where he will have to live, even if the given character can’t be completely transformed in some way.

If the dog is genetically printed as a pack leader, we will never be able to make him into a follower.