The Role of Intensive Farming

Intensive Farming: what’s that

The geometric expansion of intensive farming has made me suspect a decisive role of the drugs used in large quantities in this type of farming.

Because of their characteristic of amassing numerous animals in confined spaces, requires continuous drug use to prevent diseases from developing.

Nature, in fact, when faced with a supernumerary of animals in a particular area, uses disease as a mechanism to reduce or eliminate overcrowding.

Therefore, with intensive farming there is a continue escalation between increasingly powerful drugs and increasingly dangerous and deadly diseases.
Unfortunately, some of these drugs evidently deposit toxic waste in the meat and bones of the animals raised for meat.

The evidence comes from the fact that, if the dog or cat eats the same type of meat, but not from animals coming from intensive farming, the diseases don’t appear. In practice, the chicken, turkey, pork, rabbit and beef bred in an “old-fashioned” way without the use of antibiotics or other drugs, don’t create problems, while the same meats derived from intensive farming clearly cause often impressive reactions.