Homeopathy and Horses

Homeopathy and horses: the link


Horses absolutely react better to homeopathic therapies than other animal species.

There are animal species that are less influenced by humans than horses which may be the reason for the difference. When comparing Avian and livestock in general, the results on equine animals are against the trend.
We achieved excellent results in the tunnel field. Equine animals are heavily influenced by humans in both physical terms and temperament. Homeopathic colleagues who treat horses can confirm their excellent level of receptivity and response.

Personally, the obtained results are certainly satisfying, especially considering that often homeopaths are consulted for hopeless cases or incurable diseases. The most common source of homeopathic intervention is for incurable chronic respiratory diseases and lameness caused by diseases attacking the musculoskeletal system. Despite these seemingly unsolvable situations, finding enough motivation and determination causes cases to be resolved earlier despite logical predictions.

Behavioral problems like excessive fear, shyness, lack of desire to engage, distraction, various types of tic, failure to “pull,” excitability and excessive shyness, and bad rapport with their peers are very common in horses. These problems often are able to resolve or mitigate with unique treatment.

Racing horses respond to homeopathic treatments to reduce both psychological and physical stress before and after the competition. The administration of some specific remedies can increase the resistance to stress without the risk of doping or administering harmful substances.