Dogs of All Breeds, are Having Increasing Difficulty Giving Natural Birth

Increasing Difficulty Giving Natural Birth: a focus on all breeds dogs

Considering that the females of every species has always given birth without the intervention of a surgeon (obviously risking life and, often, losing it), it seems logical to try to understand why. It’s understood that the C-section represents a very important instrument for saving those not able to give birth. As a male, it’s easy to be accused of having no justification to weigh in on this sensitive issue. I have no intention of being judgmental, I just want to communicate my nearly thirty years of veterinary experience.

The difficulty on the part of the female has increased progressively since the 1970’s, and currently the rate of Cesarean sections is high. The question arises: is this necessary or forced? Behind the caesarean section, for both doctors and veterinarians, is a tempting business. Clinics can easily take advantage of the legitimate fear of childbirth. Mothers are often terrified by stories from relatives, friends, and acquaintances. I have to admit that for many years, I was convinced that women had become unable to bear the slightest pain. Instead, I now realize that many women can’t give birth even if they put forth their best will and have not been influenced by others.

It seems too simple to be real, and yet, veterinarians have observed that the cause is the acute nutritional shortage of Omega3. I have already abundantly reported on the reasons behind this shortage (If you would like to deepen your understanding, continue reading my articles at, so I will limit myself to stating Omega3’s ability to elasticize cell membranes. This plays a role in all of the structures that carry out a successful childbirth: the dilation of the cervix, relaxation of the pelvis, contraction of the uterus, and the coagulation of torn veins and arteries.

A nutrition rich in fish, fish oil, olive oil, and flax seed should enable a natural birth without great difficulty and suffering of the mother. I am just a simple veterinarian, but why not apply this knowledge to women? If there is a doctor reading this, I would be happy to compare information regarding this sensitive issue.
I invite all women who are thinking of giving a natural birth (I have read from statistics that those who appreciate my work the most are those between 25 to 35 years old, the age at which we most often think of having children) to prepare at least six months before the birth by incorporating the suggested foods into their diet.

Of course, I invite all of those who are either parents or dog breeders, and have decided to experience the miracle of pregnancy, to use nutrition rich in Omega3.