OMEGA3 to Have Elastic Tissues

Are Omega3 helpful?

Have you experienced joint, muscle, or tendon injuries, not from sports, but from a completely random situation?

Just follow any sport, and it has become normal to see athletes in their twenties suffering serious trauma like a herniated disc, or breakage of the Achilles tendon, meniscus, or crucial ligament. The same unfortunate incidents can occur similarly to our dogs.

The explanation is incredibly simple: a lack of the Omega3 fatty acids that maintain the elasticity of supporting tissues. Nutrition is often abound of Omega6 (too rich in cereals for example) which causes the exact opposite, stiffening the body structure.
How can I be sure?
From the simple fact that, enriching the diet of canines with Omega3 (all of our formulas are very rich in it) prevents or reduces the occurrence of most of these problems.

To get back to situations of natural birth, we have to go back to having the tissues, especially the uterus and pelvic girdle, very elastic, as it should be physiologically. Also hemorrhages are significantly influenced by the elastic fabric vassal, responsible for the retraction that when a vessel is torn, it holds together with a wonderful coagulation mechanism, to occlude the blood vessel itself.

Moral: to your cats and dogs, give them kibbles rich in Omega3.
The same goes for you; Add to your daily diet foods that yield greater amounts of Omega3 (for example: one gram of fish oil, hemp, or flax).
Just try it, and see your health improve!