All Pack Leaders!

Pack Leaders: the role

In the last few decades, there has been a sharp increase in the aggression levels of dogs. This has led to puppies and dogs of various breeds and sizes facing, sometimes fatal, conflicts with other dogs.
Often this violence has much more serious consequences than when concerning humans.

Paradoxically (but perfectly understandable), the most serious attacks occur most often in the family environment where the dog lives.
Interpretation of this phenomenon becomes understandable when its highlighted that a pack leader feels itself as the owner of its living environment and considers its family as “subjects”.
It seems logical from its perspective, to put in line the “puppy” of the human being.
What is less logical is the clearly disproportionate and particularly violent proof of its leadership.

In fact the rules of the pack dictates the leader exercise demonstrative action when necessary, but without causing serious injury and never killing. This behavior extends to even those who aspire to take its place. Contrary to the expression, dog does not eat dog.
Frequent episodes of violence from dogs towards family members (often directed towards the neck or face, a very serious action from an ethology point of view) requires objective analysis, not preconceived notions.