Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food allergies and intolerances are continually increasing among humans and pets. Why?


While there is no clear scientific evidence, the cause seems to be strictly connected to the enormous increase of polluted substances (xenobiotics) present in the environment and food chain.

If we look to the polar bear as an example, we find an animal that lives in an environment far from immediate pollution, yet still has been contaminated and has suffered especially in their fertility.
This degree of contamination has been carried throughout the food chain: the bear eats fish and seals, which in turn feeds upon fish of a smaller size, which feed on algae or plankton.
Because the chemical substances that we pour into the rivers and seas don’t break down, we are assisting this phenomenon of progressive accumulation (bio accumulation) in the different species that live in the sea.

The reproductive difficulties of an animal that lives far from any negative stimulus should give pause. As a veterinarian of cats and dogs, I can say with certainty that the fertility in dogs has dramatically decreased in the last 30 years.

Even more impressive is the decrease in number of puppies in a litter, often reduced to half of the physiological number. As for sperm analysis, too many males are affected by reduction in quantity and vitality.

The introduction of the polluted substances (antibiotics, hormones, phyto-pharmacy, pesticides, fungicides, melamine, dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyls, nitrites, nitrates, etc.) happens also through the air and water, but the basic carrier is food.

Through the food chain they reach the residues in 200 million tons of synthetic chemical products, used specially in agriculture and in the intensive farming. If we consider that before the second world war, the world production of chemical products was around one million tons, we can have a clear explanation of the explosion of intolerance and allergies.

Those who lived their childhood after the war can confirm that in that period, food intolerances did not exist and allergies were enormously infrequent. Furthermore, the appearance of allergies happened exclusively in early childhood or adolescence.
Now, both intolerances and allergies appear for all ages, and it’s not uncommon to see a sudden appearance of such phenomenon in people of 70 or 80 years old and in dogs or cats of 10, 12, or more years old.

Every individual has a specific capacity for “absorbing” such poisons. Beyond this capacity appears allergies and intolerances.

There is a way to eliminate or at least limit these relentless problems;
Introduce the foods that prove to have a lower negative impact (fish, fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, linen oil, rice, and vegetables) and those with an antioxidant function (curry or agave syrup) that counteract the negative effect of pollutants.

My Creation: The health project

logo FORZA10A company devoted to Health

, in our Country, has become the leader in diet nutrition sector for cats and dogs.
The credit of this result is due to the undisputed effectiveness and quality of our formulas.
The company’s rich knowledge in food-borne diseases formed the basis of the most ambitious project of SANYpet:
The Health Project.

The Health Project

SANYpet has decided to direct all its research exclusively on nutrition, that, in different way, they can guarantee the best possible state of health for dogs and cats.

The fundamental keys of the Health Project

The two fundamental keys to concretely realize this project:

  • the first id the used of “free” of chemical and pharmacological toxic pollutant, hypoallergenic and naturally preserved foods;
  • the second is the inclusion in every single product of the precious natural substances that the nature has made available for us to resolve the real health emergency in the modern world: chronic inflammations, allergies and food intolerance.

The role of the pollution

No one can wonder that phenomenon such as chronic inflammations, allergies and intolerance are becoming more common: the quantity of the most disparate polluted substances that each different food, but also the air and the water bring with them is likely to force the body to continue positive defense reactions (food intolerance) or to go on “tilt” with negative reactions of the immune system.

The past and the present

The various lines of FORZA10 are born from the researches and experiences of the SANYpet veterinaries, and all the FORZA10 consumers are the sincere testimony of the quality, but even more on the effectiveness of the Diet, Maintenance lines, Basic e Omega full in reaching and maintaining the state of health.

The future has already present

The Research and Development department of the company, after more in-depth studies, is sure to have identified a new milestone in the difficult path towards health: the new Nutraceutical Line.

The R&D SANYpet

The entire rich of experience and studies on veterinary medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and in food intolerance, the work gained in over thirty years by Dr. Sergio Canello in his clinic in Padova, it was transferred to the Research and Development Department of  SANYpet (RIS), where he is the responsible one.
Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti, is also part of the R&D, pharmacist with deep knowledge of herbal medicine and natural medicine in general. Dr. Guidetti was certainly the real pioneer and the biggest organic expert of biological nutrition and applied phytotherapy for dogs and cats, and it’s definitely a great opportunity to have him in SANYpet family.

The objectives of the R&D

The objective of the R&D is to design, study and create all the instruments to achieve the “MISSION” of SANYpet: the health through nutrition

An extraordinary evolution

The Nutraceutical Line of FORZA10 (Active line), the last born in SANYpet house, has the objective to cure through the nutrition and combines the recognized action of the classic monoproteiche Diet formula against the food intolerance and allergies to an outstanding effectiveness in the resolution of chronic inflammatory diseases of the major organ systems.

SANYpet, the best guarantee

All the FORZA10 lines were born from the clinical experience  and scientific-technical knowledge of Dr. Sergio Canello and his veterinary staff: as the best guarantee for those who love their pets? And what better guarantee for those who want to pull over to FORZA10, the testimonies of many satisfied owners and veterinarians who care for them?

The effectiveness

SANYpet, with its Nutraceutical Line, can proudly claim to have developed the unique and inimitable formulas, as a result of an absolutely incomparable clinical and scientific experience.

FORZA10 keeps its promises

In all the communications of SANYpet on their products, clearly emerges a formal guarantee of result. This comes from the thousands of positive experiences and numerous of thanks that we received over the years from our customers: there is no product that can pleased everyone, but with FORZA10, we have the satisfaction to get closer.

The raw materials

The used raw materials cereals are originally from Italy. Any used material is not coming from the Asian market. All the suppliers are monitored with checks in their branches (Periodical audits).

The animal raw materials

The fish comes from non polluted sea  (South pacific, Iceland), from producers that manage in responsible way the marine ecosystem (cruelty free fishing)
The animal raw materials come exclusively from extensive farming with regard to alternative meats (venison, wild boar) and from the certified organic farm for the chicken, lamb and beef  used in the Organic Line.

The attention to the pollutants

Particular attention is addressed to the analysis for the detection of the most dangerous contaminants (melamine, aflatoxins, dioxin and PCBs, heavy metals).
All the controls on these dangerous pollutants were negative.

The safety and the instrument controls

SANYpet  has technical tools and strict control procedures that can monitor the entire production chain and all the raw materials are subject, have already entered, to checks and detailed analysis. The structure, as well as being equipped with tools such as a spectrophotometer (NIR) can give you real-time analytical results, it makes the use of external accredited laboratory for the detection of hazardous pollutants being constantly alert signaled by R.A.S.F.F. health system (Rapid Alert System for Food And Feed) from the European Union.

An Italian product

All the dry lines of FORZA10, are produced near Padua, in the new production plan of SANYpet.

An plant to the vanguard

The new plant of SANYpet was inaugurated in April 2008, near Padua, true Italian industry flagship. The production methods guarantee optimum biological value parameters, uniformity, digestibility, palatability and conservation.

The certifications

DNV: SANYpet has received the complete DNV certification, guarantee of accurate organization and control of every phase, from the research and development to the design  until the commercialization.

Biological: the new plant, technologically very advanced, it was immediately certified both for the production of  diet and maintenance nutrition, (under the control of the C.C.P.B., certifying  and surveillance institution) and for the production of organic nutrition.   

Information Resources Incorporated: The company, since 2006, has relative to the Italian territory and through statistical data of an International Certification Institute (IRI), the leadership in the field of dietary foods for dogs and cats.

The solidarity

SANYpet pays particular attention in the field of solidarity: in this regard, up to now has addopted 22 children from distance, undertaking to increase that number every year; it makes contribution to the Telefono Azzurro-Rosa, organization that that deals with the burning issue of violence to minors; it has made a number of wells in Ethiopia, which give water to thousands of people.

The ethic

SANYpet is a very careful company also with the ethic: all the statements related to its products are strictly true. Even relationships with its customers are based on respect for the given word and a prompt response to any situation reported problem.

The collaborations with the research centers

  • With The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Naples is an ongoing clinical study, based on the use of the Reference Immuno Active, on Leishmaniasis;
  • with Grosseto Military Centre, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense, it was carried out a clinical study, based on the reference Condro Active concerning accretion diseases;
  • with the center Cinofilo of the Guardia di Finanza of Castiglione del Lago in the province of Perugia, it conducted a clinical study on female fertility, based on the reference Reproduction Active, and one on dysplasia, based on the Reference Condro Active;
  • with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Perugia, was concluded, a clinical trial on fertility and pregnancy, based on the Reference Female Reproduction Active;
  • with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Turin, ended a clinical trial, male fertility, based on the Reference Male Reproduction Active;
  • with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Pisa, ended a clinical trial, on oxidative stress and antioxidant power of certain formulations.

The collaborations with the colleagues

OTO Active
After the successful conclusion of the multicentric protocol on the effects of FORZA10 Diet on the food-borne diseases, it concluded the clinical protocol on the reference of OTO Active and to its action in case of chronic or recurrent otitis. The results are available on our website, show that, on 105 dogs under the clinical experimentation with OTO Active from 95 employed veterinary surgeons, 89% showed complete disappearance of this difficult diseases.
Only one case of 105 did not show, at the end of the diet period, no improvement of symptoms.

Intestinal and Dermo Active
the results of scientific studies are conducted on the available references Intestinal and Dermo Active, which have shown efficacy in the early 10 days in appreciably reducing the demonstrations against the skin and digestive system.

Cruelty free

SANYpet : 

  • It does not perform nor commissioned invasive tests on animals both during the phase of study and production of the product both for the proof of its efficacy. Invasive tests consist in inducing diseases in healthy animals and try to treat them with specific foods. The company carries only evidence of palatability of the product (natural habitat of the animal) and clinical trials of the benefits of the same animal health;
  • as a rule, uses raw materials and additives not tested on animals by third parties;
  • encourage the “conscious consumption”, given the increasing sensitivity of the consumer to find and use products that have less negative impact from an ethical, ecological, social and Animal Health.

The hotline

It was also the first Italian company in the sector that have activated a hot line (800.99.33.98) the benefit of all its stakeholders: veterinarians, wholesalers, retailers, breeders and owners. Always friendly and helpful staff provides, all relevant information and tries to solve the most of any “trouble”, during the office hours.

The guarantee of security

SANYpet, in order to ensure its mission, the “Health Project”, has decided to use very few types of raw material and with the excellent quality, the best way to ensure accurate controls throughout the supply chain and the absolute safety of its entire production.

The organic raw materials

Furthermore, the raw materials, such as wheat or other grains (that maybe more subjected to pollution by dangerous substances), are all Italian origin, organic and subjected to strict controls from the organization and certifying body (C.C.P.B.).

The suppliers

Suppliers undergo accurate periodic checkups (Audit) by our quality staff. They are not in any way use the raw materials come from the Asian market.

The technology

All the Nutraceutics FORZA10, while completely natural, they are a combination of technology: combine the organic value of the fish, corn and the fish oil, it’s proven effective against the food-borne disease, with an exceptional pool of specific phytotherapy principles for each reference.

The natural principles

Papaya, pomegranate, Aloe, Ginseng, Pineapple, Burdock, Mallow, currants, oregano, Chestnut, Sage, Propolis, Lysozyme, turmeric, Echinacea and Melaleuca are just some of the antioxidants and added phytotherapy, according  to the specific properties, the different references Active. Their most important activities are those antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antitumor.

The re-evaluation of the phytotherapy is unstoppable, in the recent years, unquestionable mother of medicine: a demonstration of its effectiveness, more than 50% of the drugs currently on the market contain substances from the plant kingdom.

The patented health!

AFS® (ACTIVE FRESH SYSTEM®): a revolutionary technique to boost health.
The cooking process of any type of croquette (extrusion) reaches up to 100 degrees, resulting in a decrease of activity of the active ingredients added to the formula.
The Research and Development Center of SANYpet has identified the definite solution of the problem: the patented technique AFS® that consists of mixing 7% to fish croquettes with special heart-shaped tablets. These tablets are made at room temperature, allowing to fully preserve the effectiveness of the added active principles.

A European dietary food

The use of selected sources of protein, carbohydrates and fats (sea fish, corn and high value organic fish oil), allows the insertion of the whole Diet e Maintenance Lines and all the Nutraceutics Line in the European legislation on dietetic foods (Dir. 2008/38 / EC).